Teri Farley
Teri Farley – Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH Chair – Associate Chair of Animation at the Southwest University of Visual Arts – My professional experience includes curriculum writing and maintenance to reflect current industry standards and practices. I am responsible for departmental analysis and reports, creating goals, strategies and action plans to increase student retention and instructor effectiveness in the classroom. I supervise the Animation classes and work with instructors in creating fun, entertaining and educational lectures and demos. I also promote awareness of the Southwest University of Visual Arts at expos, conferences, competitions and festivals.

My goals are to educate the future movers and shakers in all areas of the animation industry. I also want to unite the New Mexico animation community by providing a forum where networking with peers can occur, ideas can be exchanged and work experience can be shared.

Working with clients, 2D and 3D animation and editing broadcast quality commercials, video brochures, training videos, writing scripts, creating websites, print brochures and internet newsletters, recording and capturing audio and digital film files, coordinating on and off site shoots, conducting market analysis, corporate identity and logo development.

Derek Fisher

Derek S. Fisher– Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH Vice Chair – is an Assistant Professor and Director of Animation and Visual Effects at New Mexico State University. He is an artist and designer with a keen interest in finding better ways to visualize potentially real and imagined worlds. Prior to arriving at NMSU, he was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Master’s degree in Architecture with a focus on computational design. His study, research and work was intended to prepare him for a career in computer-generated design. His advisor and mentor, William J Mitchell, Dean and Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences, and other faculty revealed the ubiquitous future of digital technology and encouraged Derek to master concepts and tools in digital media. Collaboration with world-renowned designers and technologists provided new design opportunities applicable to both physical and digital worlds. Derek developed methods to manipulate both expressions interchangeably and merge them synthetically to create novel work. Media seminars and collaborative design studios networked across the globe opened up yet additional opportunities for accomplishing this purpose.

In 2000, Derek landed his first job in Hollywood on the film “Panic Room”. Next, he joined the collective effort and inspiration of Director, Steven Spielberg and Production Designer, Alex McDowell in creating a futurist’s world on “Minority Report”. He was part of Pixel Liberation Front’s effort to create digital film sets of this world, dense with transportation systems, dynamic cameras and action, and grip equipment. Since then his efforts have been employed on over 20 major feature films to bring the full force of animation to scripts and storyboards. Motion picture and national TV commercial projects over the past seven years have employed many aspects of his design talent and production skills, including previsualization, 3D animation, visual effects, technical planning, and concept development. It is likely you have seen commercials he has previsualized during the Super Bowl. He has designed sequences on films such as “Zathura”, and “Superman Returns”. You may also have experienced shots he animated and finished on “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”.

While at NMSU Derek has developed the Animation and Visual Effects curriculum with the aim of empowering creative visionaries of tomorrow by fostering them in the industry standard, craft and production of the moving image. The curriculum establishes a path for students from general skills, concepts and theory to a more focused emphasis in either Animation, Design or Visual Effects. The hope is to develop and foster film industry talent in New Mexico while also serving innovation and growth in areas such as entertainment, game technology, scientific visualization, and new markets for content. Derek’s work focuses on the synthesis of both physical and computer generated performances, environments, and cinematography to create novel work for the entertainment industry. To achieve this aim, his research uses state-of-the-art technologies that integrate digital filmmaking, animation and visual effects.

Rachel Nicoll
Rachel Nicoll – Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer – VP of Laundry, Beer & Other Necessities at Sony Imageworks – I am a madwoman. Fear me.

Lael Tucker
Lael Tucker – Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH Secretary – Network Administrator at University of New Mexico – I have been a Computer and Network Administrator for the past 18 years. I also have extensive experience as a Web Developer. I am currently pursuing coursework that will lead to a Fine Arts degree in the IFDM program at UNM.